About Us

Shirah Fish, MEd, BCBA

Founder / Chef

Growing up in Canada with immigrant parents Shirah Fish always enjoyed cooking with her mother especially their family favorite dishes from their heritage. As a busy mom of 6 she utilized her skills as a behavior analyst and love of cooking by making rotating menus that would satisfy all her picky eaters, including one child with a complex feeding diagnosis.

In early 2022, Shirah saw a friend struggling postpartum and began cooking for her to help meet her nutritional needs. What started as one friend helping another quickly grew into a growing team and thriving business as she saw that there was a need to provide high-quality food to those who needed support making themselves a priority!

Shayna Goldner, MBA

Director of Operations

Shayna Goldner joined the KLB team in the summer of 2022 bringing her business background, PR prowess, and love for international flavors.

She has traveled the world and enjoys using her business background to help promote healthy eating. But more than that she truly believes that food brings people together, breaking down barriers and connecting people in both business and interpersonal relationships.

The dynamic duo is the perfect pair, their strengths and weaknesses balancing one another in both friendship and business.

What was first thought of in the midnight hours between two moms has now blossomed into something inspiring and tangible meeting the needs of so many.

Our Approach

Focusing on healthy, clean, and delicious food, The Kosher Lunch Box offers a rotating weekly menu of perfectly portioned lunches. In addition, for those with a very specific dietary needs and goals customizable meals are available all the meals are gluten-free and delicious.